About Us

Third Age University in Łódź - Poland

The University of Third Age in Lodz was established in 1979 and is one of the oldest university in Poland. The organizing and factual activity of UTA is based mainly on community / voluntary work of the Board elected every 3 years. Students are seniors (pensioners and people on the pre-retirement benefit) and can study as long as they want to. The number of students amounts to about 1200 people a year, the age range is from 55 to 100. There are no marks or student record books. 

We have no staff in U3A. Only the secretary and the accountant are employed in our institution. We have 10-person board with the President and 2 vice-Presidents but they don't deal with education, only organization matters.

People who give lectures, conduct classes etc. for our students are not employed in our institution to work full time, but are freelance workers (employed in other institutions).

The main aim of this organization is to motivate elderly people in their intellectual, psychophysical, artistic and social development. We realize our strategy by providing interesting lectures delivered by eminent specialists from various fields, seminars, creativity workshops, stimulating interest groups and teaching foreign languages. Lectures are taking place twice a week in a semester system. There are 20 special interest groups functioning as part of this university: literature, history, literary workshops, ecological workshops, contemporary classical music, arts, tourism, biology and medicine, linguistics, culture, art history and museology, social science, the study of theatre, psychology, stage and chorus, Japanese language and calligraphy, Japanese culture. Furthermore foreign language courses are being hold: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Japanese. We also supply plenty of physical and manual activities and computer courses.

 In the cultural field we organize inexpensive tickets to the theatres, movies and concerts. Through close cooperation with travel agencies, we organize trips to Greece, Italy, Norway and other countries. 

There is a choir consisting of 35 people. It gives performances at the beginning and the ending of academic year and in social security home. 

We have got:

- occasional publications: Album of paintings by LUTA's students, Stories and poems written by LUTA's students, Fascinations of professors and students, Roles and tasks of elderly people in local community.

- the anthem

- the logo

- motto: There is no better medicine for old age than the University of Third Age 

We took part in Grundtvig 2 and Grundtvig 3 projects:

ODE - Open Door for Europe.

Let's Go for IT.

SENIOR - Support European Neighbours In Open Relations.

TAPE - Trans-generational Arts / cultural Platform in Education. 

Express&Connect (https://sites.google.com/site/expressandconnect/home).

Toys of My Grandparents. 

Unlearned Lessons – Women on the rise.

Recipe for active life.

By participating in Grundtvig programmes we want to transfer the knowledge of other cultures to senior, non-working citizens, who want to pursue further education and their means are often scarce. We hope to achieve that by exposing our students to new educational experiences, establishing partnerships with other institutions and countries, transferring best-practices of modern educational techniques employed in senior citizens education.

We hope that exchange of our experiences will let us get acquainted with culture and customs of different countries or nations and will enable our students to find a lot of satisfaction in what they are doing, in spite of their age.

Projects will let the participants get acquainted with new technologies like: using computer, Internet, credit cards, etc., which are now necessary in everyday life.